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Your tax-deductible donation makes a direct impact on aging well.

Financially empowering older adults, ESOP

Cynthia, a resident of Margaret Wagner Apartments, participated in ESOP's Senior Financial Empowerment Workshops where she learned how to recognize fraud and financial scams. Soon after, she noticed suspicious activity in her bank account and was able to take action and prevent theft from her account. She is now much more aware and makes sure to monitor her account closely.

Meaningful social support, Rose Centers for Aging Well

Nita visits her local Rose Center every day. She has a great group of friends who look out for her and keep her smiling. Without the Rose Centers for Aging Well, she would be isolated at home every day. At the Rose Center, she enjoys her lunch in the company of others and engages in fun and educational wellness activities.

Innovative Evidence-Based Solutions, BRI Care Consultation

Nationally, more Than 4,000 families have benefited from our evidence-based program BRI Care Consultation, which delivers cost-effective assistance, support and access to resources for individuals with chronic conditions and their family caregivers. Benjamin Rose licenses and trains organizations across the country to deliver the program.