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Health Articles for Older Adults & Caregivers

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Alzheimer's & Memory Loss

Alzheimer's: Coping with Depression & Anxiety
Alzheimer's: Creating Safe Environments
Alzheimer's: Eating Well
Alzheimer's Care: Coping with Embarrassing Outbursts
Alzheimer's Care: Bathroom Safety
Alzheimer's Disease: Dolls
Alzheimer's Disease: Genetic Testing
Alzheimer's Disease: Hospice
Alzheimer's Disease: Hospice, Choosing Hospice for Your Loved One
Alzheimer's Disease: Hospice, Preparing Your Home
Alzheimer's Disease: Hypersexual Behavior
Alzheimer's Disease: Kitchen Safety
Alzheimer's Disease: Living with Grief
Alzheimer's Disease: Research Volunteers
Alzheimer's Disease: Spouse Relationship
Alzheimer's Disease & Sleep
Alzheimer's Disease and Watching TV
Alzheimer's: What to Expect at Each Stage
First Aid for Forgetfulness
Home Health Care Team Meeting for Dementia Patients
Memory Loss: Delirium and Urinary Tract Infections
Memory Loss: Medical & Alternative Treatments
Memory Loss: Oral Health Care
Memory Loss: Recognizing & Managing Pain
Memory Loss: Simplifying Personal Care Routines

Tips for Caregivers

Bathing Tips
Cooking Tips
Dressing Tips
Eating Tips
Finance Tips
Grooming Tips
Housekeeping Tips
Laundry Tips
Managing Medication
Stair Tips
Toileting Tips
Transferring Tips
Walking Tips

Caregiving: Dealing with Feelings
Caregiving: Just for Women
Caregiving: Just for Men
Choosing Home Care
Dangers of Medical Identity Theft
Fitness: Getting Fit Together
Involving Your Loved One in Decision Making
Protect Your Loved Ones from Financial Exploitation
Relieving Caregiver Stress
Signs of Financial Abuse
Signs Older Adults Shouldn't Live Alone
Talking to Your Parents About Their Health
Teamwork Approach to Caregiving

Older Adult Health

Blood Clots: Deep Vein Thrombosis
Brain Exercises
Caring for Aging Skin
Cataract Surgery
Choosing an Assisted Living Facility
Choosing a New Doctor
Caring for Colostomy
Colon Cancer
Coping with Constipation
Coping with Macular Degeneration
Daytrip to the Emergency Room
Dental Health & Older Adults
Diabetes: Foot Health
Diabetes and Kidney Disease
Ear Wax - Everything You Need to Know
Finances for Loved Ones with Dementia
Fraudulent Health Remedies
Geriatric Care Managers
Glaucoma Testing
Grandparents as Babysitters
Hand Washing Health
Healthy Aging: Men's Guide
Healthy Living with Heart Failure
Hearing Aids: Shopping
Heart Health: Signs of Angina or Heart Attack
Hemorrhoids and Older Adults
High Blood Pressure: Beginner's Guide
High Blood Pressure & Salt
Holiday Blues and Older Adults
Keep Aging Bones Fit & Healthy
Living Well with Arthritis
Living with Osteoarthritis
Living Well with Vision Loss
Long Distance Caregiving
Managing Back Pain
Medications & Driving
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Planning for the Holiday Season
Polio - Gone But Not Forgotten
Prescription for a Healthy Brain
Prostate Health
Restless Leg Syndrome
Sleep Health and Restless Leg Syndrome
Sleep Apnea
STDs in Older Adults
Stroke Story
Teeth & Mouth Care in Older Adults
Tips on Maintaining Healthy Skin
Urinary Incontinence

A version of these articles appeared in Private Health News.