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Innovation in Caregiving AwardInnovation in Caregiving Award

Your Idea Could be worth $1000

The INNOVATION IN CAREGIVING award is made possible through a gift to the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging by an Emerita Board Member. Up to three award winners will receive a commemorative plaque and a check for $1,000.

The INNOVATION IN CAREGIVING award recognizes individuals who, in the course of caring for an older adult in a private home or a residential setting invented a device or technique that solves a caregiving challenge, or found a new application for an existing device or technique that supports caregiving of older adults and eases the burden on caregivers. Those assisting younger individuals with disabilities may apply for the award if their device or technique is helpful to the care of adults aged 60 and older.

Elizabeth H. (Betty) Rose created several devices that made it easier for caregivers to assist older adults. Her efforts resulted in improvements in care and increased comfort for those receiving care.

Betty realized that caregivers are often creative problem solvers as well. She intended this award to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals who serve on the frontlines of caregiving.


The application deadline for the 2018 Innovation in Caregiving Award is August 31, 2018.

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